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Ready for Our Closeup!

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We have been blessed with a busy summer cooking great food and helping people celebrate. Backyard BBQ with volleyball, pool-side anniversary, nightclub birthday bash – we’re working a fun range of occasions.

Chef Kevin’s food always looks so appetizing.  We really want to show off his skill on our website. But it always seems we are too busy to take the time to get ‘that perfect shot’ during an event. Or the lighting isn’t right. Keeping our guests happy is our number one job! So we decided long ago that we would hire a professional to help us out.

We are so excited that our food will be captured by Chad Chisholm Photography next week. Chad has been so supportive through this process, taking time to learn about our vision and teaching us how images make statements. We have learned so much already and are really looking forward to the photo shoot.

We are making a significant effort to do this right. Chef Kevin has been hard at work selecting which of his fantastic creations to spotlight. There are so many! He has been finding inspiration shots and sketching out his vision for the photos.

We once again have the support of our partners at Allwell Rents.  They are helping us set the stage with elegant tablecloths, fine china and crystal glassware. David and Anne Lambert at Allwell have been supportive of Elevated Catering from Day One. We rely on them for nearly every event we work. They always get it right, get it there on time and help make our events extraordinary.

Having friends like Chad Chisholm and Allwell Rents has been one of the most gratifying aspects of our young business. Thanks to them, you will see incredible visuals on our website soon.

Keep Celebrating,


Impress your friends with this light summer treat!

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Fresh Mint drizzled with Wildflower Honey


So we’re getting a ridiculous amount of compliments on our Watermelon and Feta Skewer.  The pairing of these two seemingly awkward ingredients is actually a very classic combination from Greek culture and is irresistible when enhanced by fresh mint and honey.  The hors d’oeuvre is very simple to make and it would be very greedy of me not to share it with you.

I’ll leave the quantity of the ingredients up to you since there is no cooking or mixing involved.  Leftover product can be served another day as a salad with a delicate green like Butter Lettuce, (I recommend something like a honey and lemon vinaigrette to pair).


Wooden Skewers, (6″ skewers, toothpicks, bamboo picks, etc)

Watermelon, (I get about 175 1″ cubes from a large melon)

Feta Cheese, Loaf/Block-Style, (usually comes packed in brine)

Fresh Mint

Honey, (I like to use a local wildflower honey.  It’s a bit more expensive but oh so worth it!)


1. Remove the rind of the watermelon by 1st trimming a small portion from the top and bottom for stability.  Then cut off the rind right down to the red flesh.  Dice the melon into approx 1″ cubes, (and snack on the scrap pieces).

2. Dice the feta cheese into approx 1/2″ cubes and store it in the brine so it won’t dry out.  Dipping the knife in water makes cutting the feta easier.

3. Pick the mint, using only the larger leafs.  Save the tops for garnish.  Tear very large leaves in half to match the size of the watermelon.

4. Assemble the skewers starting with the watermelon, then mint, and top with diced feta.  Be VERY careful when skewering the feta, it will crumble if the skewer is pushed too far into the cube!

5. Finish with a hefty drizzle of honey, sit back, and watch the compliments roll in!

Stay Hungry My Friends!

Chef Kevin