Chef Kevin Barthelemy and his culinary staff take the greatest care with all of the food that is created for our events.  That means sourcing locally whenever possible, seeking out vendors with sustainable practices, cooking for the season, buying the highest quality ingredients, and never, ever using pre-made or frozen products.  The culinary team stays on top of current trends and is constantly striving for excellence so that your event is truly unique and not simply the “option” that you chose. We conduct our business with the highest level of professionalism and treat everyone with respect.  Your calls will be answered quickly and we will respond to your needs with a positive attitude.  The Elevated Catering staff is professional, thoroughly trained and willing to work hard.  You won’t have to worry that your servers can’t answer questions or that they’ll disappear when needed most because every one of us believes in teamwork, being engaged with our clients and focusing on our goals.  For Elevated Catering there is no event too small or request too big.  If you want to pamper your guests; when the entire experience of your event matters; when you want to do more than simply feed bellies…choose Elevated Catering.