Stations Wedding

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Georgia Peach Wedding Reception

250 guests, Donovan Pavilion, Vail Valley

Specialty Cocktails

Scarlet O’Hara

cranberry juice, Southern Comfort, lime & smacked mint

Rhett Butler

pineapple juice, Southern Comfort, fresh lemon juice, seltzer water

Passed Hors d’Oeuvres

delicious bites presented on artfully garnished platters


Rabbit Martini

gin & juniper braised rabbit, baby bell pepper coupe, olive & caper tapenade, lemon crème fraiche

Oyster Stew on the Half Shell

baked kumamoto oysters, brie fondue, champagne mignonette, pancetta crumble, thin sliced scallion

Hepcat Caprese

fresh mozzarella, tomato gelée, crispy fried basil, himalayan pink salt, balsamic vinegar & olive oil snow

Truffled Chicken Truffle

crispy skin, minced black truffle, crushed corn kernels, fresh thyme, rich perigord truffle puree


Pre-Set Salad


Southern Hospitality

  red oak leaf lettuce, sliced georgia peach, cocoa-scented pecans, house-made ricotta cheese,  jack & ginger dressing


Short Plate Stations Dinner

live action chef presentation of inspired miniature meals


Bayou Station

locally raised blackened striped bass & louisiana style bbq shrimp miso grits, terrapin beer jus, fried green tomato, kale chips, micro cilantro

Soda Jerk Short Rib

coca cola slow braised beef short rib, tahitian vanilla & yukon potato foam, caramelized fennel bulb, anise hyssop poached golden beet

Melted Transparency

thinly shaved manchego cheese delicately melted over a colorful arrangement

bell pepper, spiced pecan, sherry poached pear, seasonal baby greens, dehydrated nicoise olive, colorado wildflower honey


Cake Service

we accept delivery from the baker, prepare the cutting ceremony, then cut & serve the cake

* provided at no additional charge, this is part of great service *



we guarantee delivery and complete setup in time for guests; you may also lean on us for your last-minute errands


PLEASE NOTE: This is only a tiny list of customized menus we have prepared. We would love to hear from you and design one custom-tailored for your event.